Why Robotics

LEGO Robotics have a long history in designing robots that help students explore engineering concepts.

Beginning in 1994, and in partnership with MIT and Tufts University, Lego began developing educational tools that took advantage of visual programming environments.

The product is LEGO MIndstorms programmable robots.

Students can build, program, test, and control robots that use multiple motors, light and touch sensors.

The new EV3 series includes more advanced sensors, easier program environments and the ability to control each creation using app based technology(iPhone or iPad).

  • Based on CS-STEM Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts in primary and secondary school students.

Empowers students with technical knowledge that tomorrow's workforce will require  

Exposure to Inter-disciplinary courses

Introduces Students to Problem and Project Based Learning

Emotional engagement

Interaction with physical devices

Learning by doing

Multi-disciplinary learning

Constructive approach

Why robotics in Education?

 What robotics can teach?

       Learn something real

    Teach the realities and depth of science

    Use tinkering to explore

    Connect high and low level issues

    Learn uncertainty and variability of the world

    Competitions are an exciting performance assessment

    Foster team spirit and camaraderie