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Expand your footprint to India

We are a business consultancy firm based at New Delhi (India) principally engaged in facilitating entry of overseas firms in to India. We can provide the services for companies from across the world to establish their subsidiaries in India or to market their products or services in India. We are a team of professionals from business development, finance & legal backgrounds.

Market Evaluation and Assessment

In the cut and thrust of highly competitive markets, it is not easy to read right the challenges and opportunities that impact your business. If you have to meet the decisive moments with informed action, then you need Market Insights, offering insights that ensure you meet challenges and maximize opportunities with preparedness and keep you a step ahead of the competition.


Market Research

Our Market Research offers measurement-based market strategies developed through our exclusive market engineering methodology. Our Research includes critical analysis of your industry and industry sectors, offering accurate, reliable, unbiased, actionable market information. Utilize this information to make confident, more informed decisions and spawn new ideas for growth.


Market Entry Strategies

The comprehensive analysis on best practices is an invaluable source to companies for new ideas to improve strategies and processes, which ultimately drive corporate growth. The research also identifies companies, products, processes and executives that have achieved world class performances.


Customer Surveys

We can accurately measure the satisfaction level of your customer base in a variety of areas. Customer Surveys are designed to improve your company's customer focus and drive sales. Customer surveys are designed to improve your company's customer focus and drive sales.


Business and Financial Surveys

Market insight consultants serve clients around the world in all aspects of financial analysis, market research, investment valuation and other proprietary research. Many of the group's clients operate in the financial services industry, including investment bankers, private equity professionals, and institutional investors.


Partnership Services

Our partnership services provide you with the innovative solutions to maximize your growth opportunities and dominate your competition. Our methodology is designed to empower you with global.