Welcome to Neoteric Business Solutions Ltd.

NBS is a leading Supply Chain consulting, Offshore/Inshore services, Product Development Management, Logistics Management and Manpower Development firm  in India since 2003. We transfer Business Excellence Knowledge across industries in pursuit of competitive advantage.

NBS is venturing into delivery of quality education using ROBOTICS as a tool to give hands on learning experience to the students so that the potential of every student is realized to its maximum limit. The concept of Robotics as a tool is based on US concept of STEM-CS technology acronym for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science.

Our strength comes from  Innovative & Effective Solutions. We the team of NBS bring global know how, best practices and cutting edge technology solutions to the table, to achive Organization's goals.

Robotics Supply Chain Consulting Offshore/Inshore services Logistics  Management Manpower Development

We at NBS are a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals experienced in helping businesses achieve their goals. The core team comprises of an experienced business consultant, supply chain consultant, an engineering consultant and IT consultant among other administrative staff. We also work closely with a market research firm and have experts from other fields to contribute whenever there is a need. Our consultants have several years of experience in their respective fields of supply chain management, logistics, engineering and IT consulting outfits.